2016 Fluor Engineering Challenge

Three of our employees, Mohan Atluri, Lokesh Vijayagopal, and Aravind Nimma participated in Fluor’s Engineering Challenge last week which was organized by Attack Poverty.  The challenge was to design and build a gravity-powered sphere-sorting machine also called a “Marble Machine” that can separate 6 mm and 12 mm diameter spheres using materials such as plastic cups, popsicle sticks, printer/copy paper and scotch tape.

Approximately 30  elementary school kids were broken into teams of 4 for this challenge. Each of the adult volunteers were assigned a team in which they assisted the kids in identifying the problems, brainstorming the solutions and physically building the machine.  Once the challenge was completed the teams were scored based on effectiveness of the machine and efficiency in use of time and material.  Organizing this challenge allows the Attack Poverty organization to be entered into a random drawing for a $1,000 grant for their facility.