AllieGunda Corporation is happy to announce our first Certified Planner, Alexandria N. Isbell, AICP. She has been with GUNDA three years and became certified through American Planning Association’s American Institute of Certified Planners exam recently. APA’s professional institute is leading the way in requirements for certification of professional planners’ ethics, professional development, education, and standards of practice.  Allie has extensive experience in both the public and private sectors of urban planning and transportation. She has experience with comprehensive plans, bicycle and pedestrian studies, site plans, pre-engineering, and data analysis. She also has an understanding of relevant software, such as ArcGIS, which will help her in leading the way on planning efforts at Gunda Corporation.

GUNDA’s experienced staff, which now includes 1 Certified Planner and 17 Professional Engineers, is dedicated to providing superior  service to deliver valuable, timely, and affordable services to our clients.  To learn more about the solutions provided at GUNDA, please contact us at 713.541.3530.