Engineering Week at Tompkins High School

Part of GUNDA’s Engineering Week included presentations given by Shashider Velugati, Raghu Veturi, Warren Graef and Dixie Gandee to high school students at Tompkins High School in Katy, TX. The class consisted of 30 very excited and enthusiastic students who wanted to choose Engineering as their career.  Our professionals were able share their experiences and daily work activities with the students. Shashi, spoke about how engineers and engineering help the world to become a better place. Raghu, gave the class an insight of what ‘Traffic Engineering’ is and how Traffic Engineers help our Communities and Cities. Warren, spoke about safety engineering. Dixie did an excellent job coordinating with the school and setting this up.  It was amazing to see the next wave of potential engineers and helping spread the excitement around engineering as a career choice for the younger generations.

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