GUNDA presents at PWITX

GUNDA’s Chief Operating Officer, Dan Krueger P.E., returned to the Public Works Institute of Texas (PWITX) for a third year, serving as Instructor for two classes at the April 2017 session: Defining Excellence and Interaction with City Councils and the Public. 27 students from cities across Texas including Coordinators, Supervisors, and Department Directors participated in the event held in Austin.

PWITX continues an award winning tradition of providing members of the Texas Chapter of the American Public Works Association (APWA) with the highest quality in educational and professional development opportunities.

The PWITX consists of four sessions in the American Public Works Association’s 90-hour program of instruction in Supervision and Management in Public Works. This program, covering basic and advanced supervision and management over a two-year period, was developed by APWA to meet the training needs of municipal utility and public works agencies.

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