Jaimison Sloboden, PE

Mr. Jaimison “Jaimie” Sloboden is a Traffic Studies Group Manager for GUNDA Corporation.  Jaimie has over 27 years of experience in a wide range of transportation projects.  These experiences give a unique perspective on how a system should be built depending on the objectives of the stakeholders.  The mastering of analytical techniques from traffic simulations and other macroscopic analysis techniques has allowed Jaimie to bridge the gap between technical and non-technical staff and the public so that a consensus can be reached.

Throughout his career, Jaimie has been part of transportation projects which have a significant focus on livability and sustainability.  Starting with the early Smart Growth initiatives, Jaimie was involved in pilot projects to transform areas and corridors into more “complete streets”.  In addition, he was engaged in access management policy development and the subsequent pairing of the access guidelines with planning and other design principles that balance out mobility objectives with livability objectives.  As a traffic engineer, Jaimie has had a strong affinity with multi-disciplinary planning environments, working closely with urban designers, architects, energy consultants and market research firms.

Mr. Sloboden has a strong background and experience in public presentations and public involvement.  He has had a number of experiences working in design charrettes, public workshops and council meetings.  His leadership in these settings has been a great asset to the team, clients and public. On a personal note:  Jaimie recently moved to Houston, TX (by way of Florida), originally from Minnesota he attended Marquette University in Milwaukee, WI and has his bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering.  He is married to his Lovely wife Lori and they have 2 young children Grace and Rhys.

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