GUNDA Corporation (GUNDA) is providing systems design services for the entire Uptown bus rapid transit (BRT) corridor. As part of this service, GUNDA will deliver equipment and fiber communications design, including splicing details and cabinet configuration, connecting system elements located at:

• Uptown Transit Center (3-levels, 14 bus bays, parking garage and parking lot),
• Sixteen (16) station platforms along Post Oak Blvd, and
• Northwest Transit Center.

Fiber will be terminated at TranStar. System elements to be considered in the development of PS&E Package include:

• Closed-Circuit Televisions (CCTV)
• Variable Message Signs (VMS)
• Ticket Vending Machines (TVMs)
• Public Addressing Systems
• Card Readers
• Talk-a-Phone Systems
• Next Bus Arrival Signs

One of the challenging aspects of this project is to bring together multiple segments of Civil conduit design (prepared by others) together to maintain continuity of fiber, and to coordinate and terminate TxDOT fiber, METRO fiber, and COH fiber at respective locations through the project segment.

GUNDA service delivery includes but is not limited to:

• Project Management, Meetings and Coordination
• High-Level Systems Requirement Document
• Systems Design
• Bid Documents (PS&E)
• Bid Phase Services
• Engineering Support During Construction