Gunda Corporation (GUNDA) serves as program manager for the development of 23.6 miles of earthen open channel that will convey an ultimate flow rate of 500 million gallons per day (MGD) from the Trinity River to Lake Houston. The goal of the project is to help Houston meet its growing demand for water while reducing the city’s dependence on ground water.

As the Lead Canal Designer for this $120M project, GUNDA manages five separate engineering teams, consisting of nearly 30 engineering consultants. In managing these segment teams, GUNDA is responsible for overall quality management, outside agency coordination, and project controls including design schedule and cost management.

Close coordination is required with other consultants as well including oil and gas pipeline coordinators, pump station access road design consultants, SCADA consultants, private bridge design consultants, maintenance facility design consultants, electrical power design consultants, and pipeline design consultants.

GUNDA manages field investigations including engineering surveys and soils testing, and the analyses for elements applicable to the overall canal design, which includes standards development, investigations and recommendations for the specialty water level control gates, investigation of two irrigation systems, landowner coordination, geotechnical fault investigation, canal hydraulics modeling, and construction planning. The canal is designed to maintain a constant water depth through a series of seven water level control gates.