Gunda Corporation (GUNDA) is providing systems engineering, PS&E, configuration and testing services to the City of Houston in support of the Houston Intelligent Transportation Systems (HITS) federally funded infrastructure development project. GUNDA will review preliminary device locations, prepare a concept to refine and optimize the device locations, check utility conflicts based on City GIMS data, and conduct extensive field visits to finalize the device locations. GUNDA will configure and test the devices in the GUNDA in-house lab before installing in the field. Design services are scheduled to be completed in third quarter of 2019. Some of the goals of the HITS project includes:

  • Allow traffic management staff to detect and respond to congestion and incidents in real-time.
  • Provide real-time traveler information to the public, partner agencies, and media outlets for analysis, planning, and announcements.
  • Reduce travel delay and emissions, improve capacity, accessibility, and travel time reliability.
  • Enable traffic management staff to optimize signal operations by customizing timing plans for varying traffic demands.
  • Allow maintenance staff to identify, assess, and respond quicker to equipment failures.

Project includes the installation of 91 dynamic message signs (DMS), 113 closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras, 144 mid-block radar traffic count stations, 489 enhanced traffic detection at intersections, and wireless (WiMAX) communication systems on approximately 150 arterial corridors, in 16 zones, throughout Houston, TX. Information collected with these devices will be directed to Houston TransStar, partner agencies, and first responders when an incident is detected. Information regarding travel times and alternative routes will be provided to the public via Houston TranStar website and by DMS positioned on arterials at strategic locations.