Howell-Sugarland Road Paving Improvements

The Howell-Sugarland Road Paving Improvements Project consists of converting Howell-Sugarland Road from a 2-lane asphalt roadway and ditch section to a 4-lane concrete boulevard with storm sewer drainage. The project limits are from 500 feet south of Bissonnet to 500 feet south of Beechnut.

Gunda Corporation developed the Preliminary Engineering Report which consisted of a right-of-way acquisition study, roadway alignment study, hydraulics analysis, traffic signal warrant analysis, environmental site analysis, and development of preliminary plans, specifications and cost estimates.

The final design included paving and drainage plans, signing and pavement marking plans, traffic signal plans, traffic control plans, storm water pollution prevention plans, storm water quality management documents, right-of-way acquisition plans, and bidding and construction documents.