George Bush Intercontinental Airport Master Plan

Gunda Corporation (GUNDA) worked on Master Plan development for IAH with Year 2035 being horizon year. GUNDA was involved in assessment of the existing conditions at IAH which included, designated roadway lanes, decision points, curbside allocations and this effort was converted into the productions of comprehensive set of drawings and plans which formed the base for subsequent plans and analyses. The project also involved gathering information about the peak period demands of the off-airport parking facilities and rental car facilities. GUNDA was involved in conducting the cut through traffic study using the Bluetooth technology. We coordinated efforts with the Ground Transportation Staff which included the officials, who are in-charge of roadways, Ground Transportation, Automated People Mover system, Inter Terminal Train, Commercial Development at the Airport. Also, GUNDA coordinated with the transportation planning professionals at various agencies in Houston Area (Texas Department of Transportation, Harris County Toll Road Authority, Gulf Cost Rail District, METRO, H-GAC).