Northside Sewer Relief Tunnel Evaluation

Gunda Corporation assisted the City of Houston in the condition evaluation and rehabilitation recommendations for the City’s Northside Sewer Relief Tunnel (NSRT).  The NSRT varies from 42-inches to 102-inches and has a total length exceeding eight miles. Gunda Corporation’s responsibility included review of the old and new tapes to establish deterioration rates, perform hydraulic analyses for various rehabilitation scenarios, evaluate the construction impact to the neighborhood infrastructure for various rehabilitation methods, assist in the development of the decision and cost matrices and assist in the development of the report.

The sewer rehabilitation technologies evaluated under this project included cure-in-place pipe, sliplining, spiral wound pipe rehabilitation, cementitious and non-cementitious linings, and point repairs. The project evaluated available decision matrices for large diameter sewer rehabilitation and developed a matrix suitable for City of Houston applications.  This will be applied for the sewer rehabilitation design for the entire NSRT system and will serve as the criteria for future large diameter sewer rehabilitation.