Wallisville Roadway Reconstruction, Houston, Texas

Gunda Corporation is currently preparing a preliminary engineering report for the reconstruction of a three mile segment of Wallisville Road from Lockwood Street to IH-610.  The project consists of development of roadway alternatives, drainage report consisting of evaluation of the existing drainage system, alternatives and evaluation of the proposed condition, condition assessment of the existing sanitary and storm sewer pipes, recommendations, railroad coordination for the redesign of three at-grade railroad crossings, railroad grade separation study, collection of traffic data, development of a traffic report, traffic control plan, and preparation of a Preliminary Engineering Report for review by the City of Houston.

The existing roadway is a two-lane asphalt roadway with open ditches on both sides and will be reconstructed to a four-lane concrete roadway with curb and storm sewer.  The proposed road will also have sidewalks on one side to provide pedestrian mobility. The project requires extensive coordination with the railroad because they have three crossings and a rail yard adjacent to the roadway and with Houston Independent School District because there is a big school bus facility on this road.  In addition, coordination with TxDOT is required because the project crosses two state roads.

Waterline Improvements – Settlers Grove & Settlers Park, Sugar Land, Texas

Gunda Corporation worked with the City of Sugar Land to prepare construction documents for the replacement of the existing water lines in Settlers Grove Section 1 and Settlers Park Sections 2 and 4. The project consisted of replacement of approximately 27,000 feet of existing water lines in residential subdivisions and along a major roadway. The existing water lines vary in diameter from 4 to 16 inches and were constructed in the 1980’s using asbestos cement (AC) pipe. The City has experienced a significant number of pipe failures within the project area.

The project scope included public and private utility coordination, surveying, geotechnical engineering, storm water pollution prevention plans, project specifications, estimate of quantities, cost estimate and development of construction timeline. Following approval of the plans and specifications, Gunda Corporation assisted the City in bidding the project by providing plans and specifications for prospective bidders, attending the Pre-Bid conference, preparing addendums as appropriate, tabulating the bids received, providing a recommendation to the City of the qualified low bidder and providing construction phase services.

NHCRWA Water Distribution & Transmission System, Houston, Texas

Gunda Corporation provided design support services for two North Harris County Regional Water Authority (NHCRWA) water distribution projects: Louetta and Malcolmson Water Main Improvements. We provided storm water pollution prevention plans as well as traffic control plans for these two projects.  Both projects are part of the NHCRWA groundwater to surface water conversion program and required extensive coordination with the Harris County Traffic Management department.

Amy Ridge & Hiram Clark Lift Station Elimination, Houston, Texas

Gunda Corporation provided design services for 7,150 LF of 10-inch to 24-inch sanitary sewer relief lines, which are mainly through residential neighborhoods, for this wastewater project to eliminate two lift stations and divert the flows to a new lift station. The two lift station systems are tied together and the flows are brought to the new lift station.  Demolition plans were prepared to eliminate the two lift stations after salvaging all the useful parts. The scope of work also included a deep channel crossing which was designed to be accomplished by tunneling under the channel.

Bellaire Boulevard Reconstruction, Harris County, Texas

Gunda Corporation was contracted by Harris County to conduct a traffic safety study along Bellaire Boulevard from Tres Lagunas to Marchena Drive. We analyzed existing accident data and new data and performed field investigations for operations and capacity concerns including safety, mobility and visibility. Three options were developed with recommended improvements designed to reduce accidents and mitigate problem conditions. Gunda Corporation prepared budgetary cost estimates and technical reports and coordinated with Harris County and TxDOT to conduct the study.

The recommended improvements used access management techniques to control traffic in and out of driveways serving businesses, mitigate existing safety issues and utilize geometric configurations of through lanes, left turns and median openings that would be capable of handling traffic movements in a safe manner. We also performed the capacity and accident analyses for the section of Bellaire Boulevard East and West of SH 6 to improve the level-of-service and safety within the study limits.

Gunda Corporation provided design services for the reconstruction of Bellaire Boulevard including paving and drainage plans, signing and pavement marking plans, traffic signal plans, traffic control plans, storm water pollution prevention plans, storm water quality management documents, and bidding and construction documents. This project was designed to TxDOT standards and was bid by TxDOT under Category 5 funding. We are currently providing construction phase services for this project.

Howell-Sugarland Road Paving Improvements, Harris County, Texas

The Howell-Sugarland Road Paving Improvements Project consists of converting Howell-Sugarland Road from a 2-lane asphalt roadway and ditch section to a 4-lane concrete boulevard with storm sewer drainage. The project limits are from 500 feet south of Bissonnet to 500 feet south of Beechnut.

Gunda Corporation developed the Preliminary Engineering Report which consisted of a Right-Of-Way Acquisition Study, Roadway Alignment Study, Hydraulics Analysis, Traffic Signal Warrant Analysis, Environmental Site Analysis, and development of preliminary plans, specifications and cost estimates.

The final design included paving and drainage plans, signing and pavement marking plans, traffic signal plans, traffic control plans, storm water pollution prevention plans, storm water quality management documents, Right-of-Way acquisition plans, and bidding and construction documents.

Cypresswood Drive Widening, Harris County, Texas

This project includes the construction of two westbound lanes with a 32-foot median to complete a full boulevard roadway section. Gunda Corporation’s scope includes roadway horizontal and vertical geometrics, traffic control, utility conflict resolution, storm sewer hydrology and hydraulic design, signing and pavement marking layouts, widening of the existing bridge over Harris County Flood Control District Channel No. K159-00-00 and concrete slope stabilization of the channel under the bridge. The project is approximately 2,000 feet in length.

Northside Sewer Relief Tunnel Evaluation, Houston, Texas

Gunda Corporation assisted the City of Houston in the condition evaluation and rehabilitation recommendations for the City’s Northside Sewer Relief Tunnel (NSRT).  The NSRT varies from 42-inches to 102-inches and has a total length exceeding eight miles. Gunda Corporation’s responsibility included review of the old and new tapes to establish deterioration rates, perform hydraulic analyses for various rehabilitation scenarios, evaluate the construction impact to the neighborhood infrastructure for various rehabilitation methods, assist in the development of the decision and cost matrices and assist in the development of the report.

The sewer rehabilitation technologies evaluated under this project included cure-in-place pipe, sliplining, spiral wound pipe rehabilitation, cementitious and non-cementitious linings, and point repairs. The project evaluated available decision matrices for large diameter sewer rehabilitation and developed a matrix suitable for City of Houston applications.  This will be applied for the sewer rehabilitation design for the entire NSRT system and will serve as the criteria for future large diameter sewer rehabilitation.