Upper Kirby Redevelopment Authority Program Management

Gunda Corporation serves as the Program Manager for Upper Kirby Redevelopment Authority (UKRA). As Program Manager, we are responsible for the development of UKRA’s $450 million Capital Improvement Program.

Gunda Corporation is providing planning services and managing the design of the improvements which include major storm sewer upgrades and street reconstruction projects along major thoroughfares including Kirby Drive, Richmond Avenue, Westheimer Road, Shepherd Drive, Greenbriar Street and Buffalo Speedway. We are providing construction management services and serve as the liaison to the City of Houston and other public and private entities.

The work also includes new sidewalks, utility relocation and coordination, new traffic signals, new street lights, extensive landscaping, irrigation system and new street furniture. Maintaining traffic mobility during construction is a huge concern in this area due to the high traffic volumes and the proximity to Greenway Plaza. Gunda Corporation serves as an extension of staff for UKRA and works very closely with the City of Houston Finance Department TIRZ/Economic Development Group as well as the Planning Group to address all TIRZ related issues.  We also work closely with the City of Houston Public Works & Engineering Department to ensure that all projects are designed and constructed to City standards and all approvals are obtained from the various departments.