Urban Planning and Community Development Services, El Campo, Texas

Gunda Staff has provided ongoing planning and community development assistance to the City of El Campo in the areas of current and long-range planning, land development codes, policy and ordinance formulation, code compliance and corridor enhancement, staff training, and standardization of operating procedures. The scope of work included review of all development related applications related to zoning, subdivisions, signs, site plans, variances, and others; as well as the preparation of checklists and submittal calendars for planning related applications and permits, and establishment of pre-application consultation meetings.

Deliverables included a Unified Development Code that consolidated all development related requirements contained in the City Code of Ordinances to one easily comprehensible document. As part of this exercise, GUNDA team performed a diagnostic of the City’s zoning regulations that resulted in elimination of conflicting requirements, revisions to development guidelines to ensure consistency and clarity, addition of missing requirements, and amendments to the  land use matrix to reflect the City’s desires.

The residents of El Campo, during the Comprehensive Plan Amendment process had stated that “improving the visual appeal of major corridors is a topic that merits attention”. Blight and inadequate development codes, and lack of property maintenance codes had resulted in the deterioration of the corridors. GUNDA staff worked with the Mayor’s Blight Abatement Committee to identify seven major corridors that contributed to the image of the city. Zoning regulations that addressed facade requirements, screening, outdoor activities and storage, landscaping, and permitted uses were formulated to ensure high quality development along these corridors. Documentation of code violations and recommendations for code compliance along these corridors were part of this project.

As a result of GUNDA’s services, it is anticipated that the City of El Campo is equipped with a robust set of regulations and processes. Improved standards for new development and a clear road map for timely code compliance and nuisance abatement will promote sustainable and high-quality growth and enhance the image of the City.

Services provided have included:

  • Planning Reviews
  • Land Development Codes
  • Process Improvement and Optimization
  • Code Compliance
  • Corridor Improvements