Urban Planning Services, City of Fair Oaks Ranch, TEXAS

Gunda Corporation has provided ongoing planning assistance to the City of Fair Oaks Ranch in the areas of current and long-range planning, policy and ordinance formulation, staff training, and standardization of operating procedures. The scope of GUNDA’s work includes review of all development related applications, as well as the preparation of an administrative procedures manual for the 30+ types of applications and permits, a universal application form to consolidate and centralize review processes, and a diagnostic report of the City’s recently adopted Unified Development Code. Ensuring ordinance compliance with Texas Local Government Code, creating publicly accessible on-line submission calendars with a universal application form and checklists, coordinating multi-jurisdictional policies (TxDOT, Bexar, Comal and Kendall Counties), and an implementation plan to provide the community and city leaders a future roadmap, are examples of GUNDA deliverables.

As a result of GUNDA’s services, it is anticipated that the City of Fair Oaks Ranch will have a more thorough, transparent, consistent, and streamlined application review process. In the coming months, GUNDA team will assist the City of Fair Oaks Ranch to codify administrative processes and policy changes to better align the City’s regulations with the visions, goals, and objectives outlined in the City’s Comprehensive Plan. Through GUNDA’s efforts, it is anticipated that the City will be better positioned to respond to the development pressures and anticipated growth in a manner that preserves the City’s cherished character.

Services provided have included:

  • Planning Reviews
  • Long Range Planning Projects
  • Land Development Codes
  • Process Improvement and Optimization