Urban Planning Services, City of La Marque, Texas

Gunda Corporation has provided ongoing planning assistance to the City of La Marque in the areas of Zoning Planning, and Corridor Standards.

GUNDA is assisting the City in updating their Zoning Code to formulate new zoning categories that will incorporate existing overlay standards. The scope includes developing context sensitive standards for parcels along the Interstate Highway and Collector Streets to encourage high quality, aesthetically pleasing, mixed use developments. By increasing the range of permitted uses, it is anticipated that the new development standards will attract high quality businesses that will present a positive image and offer a higher rate of investment. As part of the project, a new land use matrix will be prepared that will include new zones and consolidate and clarify the various types of uses.

The scope of GUNDA’s work also includes updating the zoning map to accurately represent all recent zone changes, incorporate the newly created zones, and address existing zones that are inconsistent with the zoning regulations.

As a result of this collaborative effort of the City and GUNDA, it is anticipated that the City of La Marque will have a set of new regulations that reflect the community’s aspirations and desires. The City will be better equipped to respond to the development pressures and encompass the anticipated growth in a manner that creates a unique identity and portrays a positive image.

Services provided have included:

  • Zoning map Amendments
  • Land Development Codes
  • Corridor Standards
  • GIS Mapping