Wallisville Roadway Reconstruction

Gunda Corporation is currently preparing a preliminary engineering report for the reconstruction of a three mile segment of Wallisville Road from Lockwood Street to IH-610.  The project consists of development of roadway alternatives, drainage report consisting of evaluation of the existing drainage system, alternatives and evaluation of the proposed condition, condition assessment of the existing sanitary and storm sewer pipes, recommendations, railroad coordination for the redesign of three at-grade railroad crossings, railroad grade separation study, collection of traffic data, development of a traffic report, traffic control plan, and preparation of a Preliminary Engineering Report for review by the City of Houston.

The existing roadway is a two-lane asphalt roadway with open ditches on both sides and will be reconstructed to a four-lane concrete roadway with curb and storm sewer.  The proposed road will also have sidewalks on one side to provide pedestrian mobility. The project requires extensive coordination with the railroad because they have three crossings and a rail yard adjacent to the roadway and with Houston Independent School District because there is a big school bus facility on this road.  In addition, coordination with TxDOT is required because the project crosses two state roads.